Personal Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy

Protecting your personal information and ideas that you share with us by filling the form at is our duty. The principles below define how we evaluate your personal information and ideas. 

Explanation (Clarification) on Personal Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy Identity of Data Controller 

As ARC FLEET ADMINISTRATION (“Company”) in the capacity of Data Controller, we hereby present the aspects below in the scope of obligation of clarification in order to act as per Personal Data Protection Law (“Law”) in relation to the personal data which we take from our customers / potential customers. 

Aim of Processing Personal Data 

Your personal data can be collected in physical and electronical environment as you are the customer of company with the reasons specified in the laws and as per the contractual relation in order to carry our our activities, perform and develop our services according to the terms and aims of processing personal data under the articles 5 and 6 of the Law and the main principles specified in the Law. 

Personal data mentioned below and provided by you in this website (collectively “Your Data”),

  • Data related to your visit to website and usage,
    (Data such as your IP addess, geographical location, web browser type, sender source, visit duration and page/content display number etc. during your visit to website)
  • Data related to any kind of transaction and application that you perform via website,

Are processed by the Company 

  • In order to identify your computer when you visit the website and to make your visit more efficient by customizing the website,
  • To understand your convenience to take offer and to get in contact with you about the aspect. 

In case of concluding a contract after presenting the related offer, the information mentioned above shall be utilized for the purposes below:

  • Carrying out the offer preparation process and notifying the contract approval,

Usage of Website Cookies

Cookies are used in this website. The text file sent by web server to web browser and saved by the browser is called as cookie, and this file is sent back to the server when the browser demands page from the server. In this way, the web server identifies and follows your browser. 

We hereby state that we can send cookies to save on hard disk of your computer and that we can use the information obtained from these cookies to improve the administration and availability of the website. Furthermore, our advertisement providers can also send you cookies. 

Many browsers have settings to prevent accepting cookies. You can examine your help files of your browser. However, we point out that you decrease the availability while using many websites including our website in large amount if you do not accept the cookies. 

To Whom and In Which Purposes to Transfer the Processed Personal Data 

Your collected data can be transferred to dealers, supplies and governmental institutions and real persons authorized by law for the purposes specified in article 2 of this Clarification Text in the frame of personal data processing terms and purposes mentioned in the articles 5 and 6 of Law as limited with the aims of Personal Data Protecting and Processing Policy and this Clarification Text prepared by Data Controller and shared in website Moreover, your personal data can be transferred in the frame of articles 8 and 9 of Law provided that required security precautions are taken and it is limited with the purposes mentioned in this Clarification Text. 

Personal Data Security 

The company undertakes to perform the required organization and take and adapt the technical precautions in the capacity of data controller in order to protect the confidentiality and integrity according to the provisions of related regulation in force. We hereby state that we update our data processing policy in particular intervals about our obligations. 

The required precations shall be taken in order to prevent losing, misusing and changing your personal information and ideas. However, data flow on the internet is unsafe by its very nature, therefore the security of data flow on the internet is not guaranteed by us. Keeping your password confidential is under your responsibility. Your website management password is not available without your knowledge and approval. 

Method and Legal Ground of Collecting Personal Data

Your data can be collected with automatic or non-automatic ways and the various grounds specified in laws or for the purpose of carrying out the contractual relation. Your data is collected by the Company under the legal grounds to realize the purposes mentioned in the article 2 of this Clarification Text in relation with the aspects to disclose your data. 

Your data collected under scuh legal grounds can be processed by the Company without your explicit consent in the frame of obligation to process data for the legitimate interest provided that it is directly related to conclusion and execution of contract as per article 5/2-c of the Law and it is required to process personal data belonging the parties of the contract and it does not violate your fundamental rights and freedoms. 

It can be processed and transferred for the purposes mentioned in the articles 2 and 3 of this Clarification Text as per the article 5/1 of the Law upon your explicit consent.

Data Owner’s Rights 

According to the article 11 of the Law, the person whose personal data is processed can demand aspects below by applying to ARC FLEET ADMINISTRATION: 

  • Learning whether personal data is processed or not, 

  • Demanding information if personal data is processed, 

  • Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether it is used for the intended purpose or not, 

  • Learning the third parties to which personal data is transferred in domestic or abroad, 

  • Requiring correction in case of the fact that personal data is processed in deficient or wrong way and requiring to notify the process performed in this scope to the third parties to which the personal data is transferred, 

  • Requiring to delete, dispose of or anonymize the personal data when the reasons of processing the personal data is removed and requiring to notify the process performed in this scope to the third parties to which the personal data is transferred,

  • Objecting to any result against the data owner by means of analyzing the processed data especially through the automatical systems, 

  • Claiming compensation for damages in case of any damage because of processing the personal data against law. 

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