Driving License 
Individuals at age of 21 at least having driving license with 2-year-validity can rent all cars. 

Rental Period
One day at least. In delay exceeding 3 hours, 1 complete day price shall be taken. 

Traffic Fines
Any kind of obligation and fine arising from failure to comply with traffic rules shall be borne by the lessee. The periods passing while the cars are held by governmental and local authorities under any circumstances will be considered within the contract period. 

Payment Type & Accident Event 
Our cars have fully car insurance. In case of any damage on our cars, the lessee should obtain traffic accident minute and alcohol report immediately and submit them to the closest ARC Car Rental office within 24 hours. The cars must not be driven under the effect of alcohol and drugs or out of the legal speed limit. Otherwise, the driver shall be responsible for all damages. Driving the car by a second person except of the lessee is possible if the valid identity card and driving license is registered in the contract. Otherwise, the insurance will be void, and it is possible if registered in the contract. The damage compensation will not be taken from the lessee who pays insurance fund, complies with all the terms above and is determined as faultless in the accident report. In case of any accident resulting in material damage, “MINUTE FOR TRAFFIC ACCIDENT RESULTING IN MATERIAL DAMAGE” must be filled by the parties since 01.04.2008. 

Personal Accident Insurance 
The rented car cannot be driven anybody except of the lessee and, if demanded, the second driver mentioned in the contract. 

Baby Seat 
Babies are valuable for us. Baby seat is free of charge. The baby seat that is stolen is out of insurance. 

Delivery and Drop-off
Delivery and drop-off shall be free of charge within office working hours in provinces where ARC Car Rental offices are and in airports, ports, train stations and hotels in such provinces. 

Other Services 
The price of driver speaking in foreign language is $50 per day, and the price of services between 19:00 and 00:00 is $5 per hour. 

All the prices shall be added with VAT. The maintenance costs of car shall be included and gasoline shall be excluded in prices.