We can state that the year 2017 was quite a busy year for car rental companies, especially most companies providing long-term car rental service had difficulty to meet huge demand. We know how sensitive and meticulous the corporate companies are in car rental preferences and the strong and reliable cars are one of the first features that companies look for. Car Rental companies which provides long-term car rental service to big companies aim to offer the best service to them by analyzing very well what its customers need. The most trusted and preferred car models of the companies that rent car for long-term

Volvo Series Gives Confidence
Volvo which was established in Sweden in 1927 is the biggest automobile and bus producer. Volvo XC60 model which quitely gains appreciation and reliable in our country draws attention as the first car trusted by car rental companies for long-term with its structure offering comfort and luxury.

Upper Segment Enthusiasts Say Volkswagen
German giant Volkswagen which was established in 1927 is among the most preferred cars with its durable and elegant car options in our country in terms of safety and visuality.

Opel Returns with Insignia in 2017
German automobile company Opel which is not quite leading in comparison with other rivals especially in field of car rental took the place among the models preferred by the companies in car rental with its renewed Insignia model car in 2017.

Medium Segment Rents Renault
The first choice of the companies with need of car fleet is lower and medium segment cars. Renault, French manufacturer of automobile, is among the preferences of Turkish companies since it is cost free and comfortable.

Economic Budgets Prefer Fiat
Even its production is not made in our country, its spare part which seems as domestic car, Fiat car models whose tax and maintenance is much lower than other vehicles are the primary automobiles preferred by individual and corporate companies.

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11 January 2023
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