You are in the right place if you are looking for a fast and high-quality solution for your needs of car rental in your abroad and domestic trips. As Arc fleet, your car with feature you want as soon as you get off the plane will be ready for you under favour of flawless service that we provide in field of car rental at Izmir airport. If you are foreigner to the region you come for holidays, our company also offers service of chauffeur to you, in this way you can spare more time for yourself and your loved ones and you can see many places that you have never seen before. You can get in contact with us immediately in order to benefit from airport car rental service where many privileges occurred together and which is preferred by many people every day.

Arc fleet, which renews itself constantly by following the developing technology and applies this to its cars in order to offer a better car rental experience to you by means of its services that facilitate the life, has always achieved to put customer satisfaction first. In this scope, the company which made a name frequently for its strong investments that made in field of both airport car rental services and fleet rental has become one of the leading establishments of the sector through its developments in many fields. You can get service from our company with peace in mind in respect of airport car rental with management staff and expert technical personnel that adopts sustainable permanent success as principle.

Airport Car Rental
We know that how valuable your time is. If you come to Izmir for holidays or an important business meeting and you urgently need to rent a car, as Arc fleet, our team works for 7 days/24 hours in order to provide the best service to you. You will understand that you made a right choice by feeling unique service quality of Arc fleet from the moment you receive the vehicle. Apart from confidence of car rental from a corporate company, you will feel more precious under favour of additional services we offer to you. By means of early reservations, you can rent a car with prices far below the market and you can benefit from our many campaigns.

Why Should I Get Service of Airport Car Rental?
Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is located in Gaziemir. This region which is 14 km from the city center has developed in terms of industry and economics. It is quite advantageous to rent a car from airport guesting hundreds of passengers daily in sense of price and service received. The time and cost spared from airport to city center can be rather high therefore many people prefer airport car rental service.

Let’s Analyze Region Closely
Gaziemir which is one of the metropolitan districts of Izmir has surface area of 70 km². Gaziemir where many educational institutions is located has achieved to draw attention of domestic tourists especially with establishment of IZBAN line.The neighbor districts of the region are known as Menderes (south), Buca (east), Karabaglar (north).Gaziemir which includes significant institutions such as Adnan Menderes Airport, Izmir Fair Complex and Aegean Free Zone within its boundaries also involves Optimum Outlet that is the most famous and largest shopping center of Izmir.

Adnan Menderes Airport which ensures direct or connecting flights to every city of Turkey has also international terminal. You can directly go to Adnan Menderes Airport with direct connection to many European cities by taking IZBAN. If you would like to benefit from our car rental service of Adnan Menderes airport, you can contact us on telephone number 0 (232) 374 28 20.

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